tosa dog breeder
tosa dog breeder.intrduction of tosa's root,charactor,and notes
tosa breeder


tosa roots

The dogfight of Shikoku native was put, matched in Mastif and the bulldog, etc. from the end of Edo era from which it had been brought in from foreign countries at the beginning of the Meiji era, and it was created as a strong dogfight.

tosa charactor

It is obedient to the master though there are bravely and resolutely a struggle
vigorous mind and aggressiveness, too.

tosa notes

Brushing : without allowing it to lack. Meeting other dogs is noted though the stroll of the view of every day is necessary. A hard, short hair is growing thick. Color of hair is red, Forn, a black, and Brindol, etc.Some faculae are allowed.

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